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For over 17 years,HHC has been successful for 316 enterprises at home and abroad to provide non-standard hardware accessories.
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Haohaichang statement on procurement policy for conflict-free metals[ 12-08 16:25 ]
Conflict metals refers to Au, Ta, W and Sn metal, From mining areas controlled by non-governmental military groups or non-military factions in the Democratic Republic of the Congo. Illegal mining profits made by local military groups were stolen from citizens,...
Thanksgiving is a great wisdom in our life[ 11-24 14:48 ]
Thanksgiving is a great wisdom in our life,we?are very?grateful for our customer’s supporting and trust for our company.
The running enlightenment of hardware industry:Success is decided by concepts[ 09-10 16:18 ]
Success is decided by concepts, success stems from unremitting pursuit.
The forecast of metal terminal industry's development in China[ 09-10 16:05 ]
The metal terminal as an important accessories in electrical automatical control system,it is installed in the motor to realize normal transmission of signals.
New Equipment , New Technology[ 09-10 15:49 ]
Technology is soul of an enterprise.Our company persist in pursuit of new technology and unique design idea, by the high quality and unique to attract customers.
The development tendency of hardware industry in China[ 08-30 11:34 ]
In China,hardware industry has always maintained a rapid development since the early 1990 s. At present, China has become an important country for metal products production in the world
Rio Olympic Games demonstrate “CHINA QUALITY” , terminal lug with high quality[ 08-30 11:24 ]
Rio Olympic Games demonstrate “CHINA QUALITY” , terminal lug with high quality
The new customer from Israel[ 05-13 15:16 ]
The new customer from Israel placed an order after visiting the factory on May 06,2016.
New Product,New Technology[ 10-12 19:08 ]
 "Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Co., Ltd. "who have developed 4 new products from July.20.2015 to August 20.2015,used for auto parts. They are"...
Terminal & English corner[ 09-01 20:46 ]
Terminal & English corner With the arrival of the consultant, the English corner was kicked off on the department of foreign trade.  There is no doub...
You reap what you sow[ 09-01 20:02 ]
 The Edison once said that the success is equivalent to one percent of wisdom plus ninety nine percent of diligence.    Doing everything successfully needs persistence,diligence and good attitude, rather than shrewed skills and strong wills. &...
Five Key Tools of TS16949[ 08-06 15:54 ]
As we are working in the field of metal parts manufacturing for continuous improvement and upgrading, quite a lot of attention has been paid to product cost effectiveness by Shenzhen Haohaichang Industrial Co.,Ltd.(hereinafter referred to as HHC). As a result, HHC had been certified with “ISO/TS 16949:2009 on March 9, 2011. In the process of its implementation, we have come to know that product quality improvement, productivity upgrading, cost reduction, variation and waste lowering have been even more stressed on by TS 16949 so that the inventory cycle and stock are kept to the minimum.
Metal Tools &Dies[ 08-06 15:41 ]
Metal tools & dies in industrial production are used for various kinds of presses or special tools fixed on the presses for manufacturing parts or products having required shapes with metal material through pressure. These special tools are generally called metal tools & dies.
Good Teamwork Integration is Haohaichang’s Corporate Mission[ 07-22 15:50 ]
  Good Teamwork Integration is Haohaichang’s Corporate Mission Contents: The corporate mission which can not be done by any individuals but can be well worked out by a team. With talent+a pair of hands+strength well integrated, nothing is imposs...
HHC Training Of TS16949 Internal Quality System Audit[ 12-09 20:37 ]
The training of TS16949 Internal Quality System Audit on November.02.2014 Purpose/Scope/Responsibility
A new customer from Egypt visited our factory on October 07,2014[ 12-09 16:50 ]
A new customer from Egypt visited our factory on October 07,2014
Italian New Customer Visited Our Company[ 12-05 20:19 ]
The Italian new customer Visited our company on October 26,2014 .We showed our workshop and producing process of products to him and then he placed some sample orders.
The new customer from Canada placed an order after visiting the factory on October 18,2014[ 12-03 20:45 ]
The new customer from Canada was visiting the factory on October 18,2014 and then placed and order.
The new customers from Egypt comes to visit factory[ 12-03 17:02 ]
Warmly receive customers to visit factory, they visit the mould design, high speed punching produce process, automatic lathing produce process, products wall, etc.
HHC news:Held fire drills[ 07-02 15:58 ]
Our company organize a fire drill on 20.Jun,2014. In order to let all staffs know the four point as belows.
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