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For over 17 years,HHC has been successful for 316 enterprises at home and abroad to provide non-standard hardware accessories.
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Do you use metal parts? Do you know about electric performance of metal?[ 08-30 10:28 ]
In the electric?and?electronic?industry,we often deal with metal parts. About the metal parts,to?say it informally,?is ?processing by gold,silver,copper,brass, steel, stainless steel and so on.
knowledge of terminal 250[ 05-28 15:54 ]
Terminal 250 is a conventional metal connector.
knowledge of bolt[ 05-21 16:44 ]
The bolt is threaded fasteners with a cylindrical nut. It is Consisted of a head and the screw cylinder with externally threaded ,the bolt need to assort with nut ,used to tighten and connect to two parts with hole.
Haohaichang’s Connecting Terminals[ 07-22 16:04 ]
Haohaichang’s Connecting Terminals Haohaichang Industrial Co.,Ltd. has been specialized in the production of precision stamping terminals, connector terminals, cable terminals and power-line connecting terminal plates.  Connecting terminals ...
Basic knowledge on five kinds of metals[ 07-22 15:34 ]
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The processing and testing method of precision metal stamping parts[ 07-02 15:15 ]
For testing the thickness of large product of precision metal stamping parts, we would using rockwell hardness tester.
Domestic metal parts processing problems existing[ 07-02 15:12 ]
Currently this model hardware accessories professional market, Just a product of a particular stage of development of the field of metal accessories circulation, is still in the growth stage, what changes occur in the future is not very clear.
Knowledge about the automotive stampings[ 07-02 14:59 ]
Automotive Stampings is composed of auto metal stamping parts.
What's the business of"Shenzhen Haohaichang" do?[ 07-02 14:52 ]
"Shenzhen Haohaichang" is specializing in the production of Non-standard CNC parts,automatic lathe parts, Rivets/Nuts. High precision Punching parts(shrapnel, terminal, Bracket, terminal lug, Fasten plate, Connection terminal, U terminal, Female terminal), Precision screw, self-drilling screw, Cutting screw, Pan head phillips screw, Hex head screw, Countersunk head screw etc.metal parts.
Metal stamping parts hardware market opportunities to become future fortune[ 07-02 14:40 ]
With automatic lathes pressure of market competition intensifies further, most hardware factory in production, its industrial chain profit margins are in various stages of compression, downward movement is reduced.
China metal stamping die industry prospects need to achieve sustainable development[ 07-02 14:36 ]
The past two years, China's metal stamping die to the good development momentum of the market, metal stamping industry has become an important field of stimulating consumption and increase economic growth point.
China has actively adjust the metal stamping die industry[ 07-02 14:32 ]
Nowadays, the domestic precision stamping dies are actively into the international arena, to participate in international competition.
Chinese technology-intensive metal stamping die rapid development[ 07-02 14:29 ]
Technology-intensive metal stamping die is one of the areas in recent years, domestic production of more rapid development of mold industry has been gradually showing a high-end, large-scale, sophisticated development trend for promoting the mold manufacturing powerhouse China has become an important force.
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